What finish of Skywood furniture?

In terms of the selection of furniture finish from SKyWood, we offer two types of finishes:

  • Less natural: Stain + Varnish
  • More natural: Oil wax
  • Addition: filling the defects in wood (with or without knots?)

  • Lacquer

    Oil wax

    It creates a coating on the wood that is rather slippery, smooth and even to the touch. It can be matte, semi-matte / satin or glossy.

    Matt varnishes slightly resemble raw wood to the touch, are slightly rough and do not reflect light.

    The gloss makes the table top sparkle, light is reflected in it, and it is almost slippery to the touch.

    Semi-matt / satin is somewhere in the middle and is therefore the most popular choice.

    The varnish goes well with even, smooth, modern furniture.

    When it comes to repairing one point (tamping the piece of furniture), you need to grind the entire wall of the piece of furniture, and only then repaint it.

    Care in addition to cleaning the wood is rare. Only after a few years it is worth repainting the furniture.

    It soaks into the wood, so while touching the table top, we are in contact with live wood all the time. It closes the pores of the wood, increasing its resistance to moisture penetration.

    The wax creates a light coating while preserving the protection and nature of the wood.

    Oils darken the wood, but there are also coloring oils with which we can change the appearance of the surface a bit.

    It emphasizes the grain of the wood.

    The oil is suitable for rustic surfaces, old, dry, cracked wood. But also modern.

    When it comes to repairing one point (compaction / scratching), it is possible to quickly sand down and then apply point oiling. There is no need to sand the entire wall of the furniture.

    Maintenance - in the first year, we recommend oiling SKyWood wooden products every 3 months until the wood stops “drinking” the oil.

    Then periodically once a year.